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The Most Beautiful Girl: A Memoir


Image of The Most Beautiful Girl: A Memoir

My first book, The Most Beautiful Girl: A True Story of a Dad, a Daughter and the Healing Power of Music, will be published in Spring, 2014. Stay tuned for details. Meanwhile, here is a synopsis and some nice comments from other authors. (The image to the left is the book cover, a painting by Julyan Davis.)

Foreword by Kris Kristofferson:

Tamara Saviano held up the Grammy she had just won. “Stephen Foster died a hundred and forty two years ago, and it’s about time he got this,” she said. And it was hard not to think that the words applied to her as well. The painful past revealed in The Most Beautiful Girl bears little resemblance to the happily married, positive, creative person she is today.

Home was where the hurt was. At age 15—never an easy time of life—she discovered that the man she knew as her father wasn’t, and the difficulties of their parent/teenager relationship understandably intensified. Alcohol didn’t help. It’s sad to see the attempts at a loving relationship (He taught her how to drive a car, forgave her when she wrecked his, got her a job and comforted her when she was fired the first day and got her another, and bought her a car of her own) erased by physical and verbal abuse.

Her life turned around miraculously and this memoir is the story of that inspiring journey.